Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who works at the shop?

A: Hawk Chait, Harry Lau, and Amanda Peashooter.

Q: I’ve chosen my artist, how do I book a consultation or appointment?

A: The primary method of communication for our artists is email – each artist’s email is located at the top of their gallery under the “Artists” tab. You are also welcome to call the shop to schedule over the phone.

Q: Does the shop have a minimum? Hourly rate?

A: Yes, our shop minimum is $100. The shop hourly rate is $180/hr., but we advise you to check with your artist for price estimates or quotes as each artist is responsible for their own pricing.

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: Cash is always preferred method of payment. Some artists ONLY accept cash, so please check in with your artist to be sure. Some artists do accept cards, PayPal, Venmo, etc.

Q: How does the Plinko game work?

A: Plinko is done on a first come first served basis – the cost is $100, cash only. The game itself is simple – drop the ball and whatever design it lands on is what you get tattooed! Re-rolls are available for an extra $20. If you are in a group of people playing, you are allowed to trade designs. If you are wondering if we have time for Plinko, please give the shop a call at 503-234-3572.

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